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where were you yesterday when we were bleeding

how come it's come to this you're just so deceiving

we trusted you the most when we thought we should

now it's all up in our face if we could take it back we would

I'm afraid of what's in my head

I'm afraid of what's under my bed

I don't need you, starting to defy you

I'm afraid

where are you tonight you said you'd be here

you said you're comming soon but you're just to drunk to steer

now you're upside down in the ditch and I'm to blame

standing by your coffin now and I'm still afraid


this is my life just let it be

don't need you by my side it's hard to see

you filter my dreams mold me into you

I don't want your life don't want to be you

feels like I'm running with scissors in my hands

I can't remember anyone who could understand

the pain the pressure brings me to my knees

why won't you let me grow up let me be me

the rage is deep runs through my veins

your heart is black you're still the same

oh but I've changed you've said to me

how can I forgive thats just not me

Closet Full of Bones

the hinges on the door they're starting to pop

the demons in my head they've got to stop

I've hidden from myself all the things I've done

now I'm the only one

kept it all inside long as I could

the evil from within destroys the good

I think it's time that I opened up this closet full of bones

closet full of bones time to let them go

the pounding from within will never cease

not untill I find my own release

I've seen the walls go up and I've seen them fall

I can't contain it all

I have wished I could erase the past

It doesn't matter now we're here at last


the walls are closing in will I sink or swim

I've been here for a while now it's wearing on me

patience getting thin

let me out of here I can't take it let me out of here

or I'll scream untill my face turns red till my face turns red

I pull out all my hair to see if I'm still here

I close my eyes I clench my fists

can't take much more of this

Let me out I can't take it


the wheels roll along my head's in a different place

I see it all for the first time I see it's never too late

keep rolling past my exit guess it's too late for that

well I can find another there's no use looking back

I'm an ordinary every day believer

we can choose the path we take no leader

everyone wants something more we're needers

everyone's got time to wish we're dreamers

I find myself on the highway just driving for the sake

I don't know where I'm going my world's so far away

so I'll keep drifting further I slide down in my seat

I feel the weight is lifting I'll drive myself to sleep

I have never wanted anymore than what satisfies my

voracious appettite for everything ya I want it all I don't

need it all but I'm gonna get it all if I give it all because


well I have never felt the weight but I feel it now

I have never had to think I was not allowed

I will not listen any more

I will not neglect the door

I will never regret I will never forget

you're forsaken

take my eyes I've seen it all

take my ears don't want to hear your call

I will not give you my help I will not keep to myself

Your Way

I've forgotten all I once knew

but I know I'll remember you

there's a feeling and it won't let go

It's all I know

you know I'll never go your way

all I've trusted has escaped me

all I've counted on is gone

all I've believed in has left me

I hold on


don't take this heart I'm not too far

out of your reach don't be a leech

you are out of town I will wear your crown

I'm finally out of your reach

been through the test just like the rest

sick of your fits calling it quits

this time's for good I know I should

I'm finally out of your reach

Burnt out

I have gained I have lost

got my wish but what's the cost

the road seems further now than ever

further now

were you following me baby were you following me

were you following me down

I'm burning out

all my hopes and selfish dreams

bridges to the roads I'll never see

everything that meant something to me

I have grown I have changed

but this longing still remains

I have wanted this forever

It's too late

don't be following me down I'll take you where you never want to go

don't be following me down I'll take you to the depths of hell

if I were following you down I'd turn around and cut my losses

don't be following me down I'll never ever turn around


lately I've been trying to talk to you but I don't want to seem too emotional

everytime I try to open up I turn around and run the other way

I hope this isn't growing old and it hasn't lost it's point to you

please hear me out with openness and you have my word that I'll be true

I'm living in solitude waiting for you

for you to tell me that I'm a person with real wings

ready to fly out of this rut

just the other day I got thinking as to where my direction is taking me

I am sure that I know what I want but what happens when you have to choose

between what is achievable and what has bee your dream

please hear me out with openness and either way we cannot lose

Box of Stone

one mistake and you pay and pay

one wrong move and you move no more

locked away for all my days locked away till I'm cold and grey

I've  been living my life in a box of stone

dreaming of the day when they send me home

I am so alone

the world changes as it passes by

no angels are with me tonight

left behind I start to fall

left behind these four walls

going grey in a box of stone

all my days in a box alone

Dead Bodies

the vicious fishes in my brain are driving me insane

the bottle glued tomy lips and my finger tips I cant refrain

always searchin for a way to get out of this place

time laughin in my face every single day as my life it takes

dead bodies it's all we are

dead bodies walking driving in our cars

dead bodies it's all I see

dead bodies nothing more for you and me

the wheel turns and turns again the cycle never ends

doing simple deeds we live in need content as we pretend

struggling to stop sinking in my repetitious day

anything to keep my mind far far away

live for the moment life is a moment

oh it passes by as we slowly die

Check out samples from new album "Hold Your Breath"