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PIPEDREAM........A Rock Band


          PipeDream is a four piece group from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan that stands for Canadian rock.  These guys live and live for their music.  The monster is composed of three other bands that couldn't make it alone but combined are unstoppable.  The music is a conglomeration of these bands, each with a very different style and groove.  It combines Metal and extreme beats with a powerful Rock melody.  This is a show that will leave you with songs in your head and a smile on your face.


          PipeDream contains:  Dusty Drummond (Drums), Kris Ewen (Guitar, Vocals), Brent Ziola (Bass), and Tyson Drummond (Guitar, Vocals).  The formation was bound to happen since the members were all from the same small town, (Kelvington, Sask.), and same circle of friends.  Their spare time was usually spent down in a basement  where the music would eventually reveal their direction.  In the summer of 2004 PipeDream was born. 


          The first album, "Unfinished Business" was released on Christmas of 2004.  It was recorded, produced, and distributed by the band itself and the single "Your Way" received airplay on a local radio station.  The music differs greatly from track to track since the writing is done by all members.  Incorporating two lead vocalists also helps to drive an  alternating melody .  The result is a rich mixture of varying styles and influences.


          With their first studio album "Hold Your Breath" in stores now and hit song "Tantrum" receiving considerate radio play, PipeDream is going strong and coming for you.



Check out samples from new album "Hold Your Breath"